Lift Chairs In Syracuse, NY

Our lift chairs in Syracuse, NY, are like buying shoes

“it’s all about the fit”

and we know how to do it!

Lift Chairs In Syracuse, NY

  • At MoPro we have large a selection of different sizes and styles of medical grade recline & power lift chairs in Syracuse, NY 

  • Our single motor chair are easy to use, come from small to large in size, along with different chair styling.

  • Those same style chair come with an infinite position two motor design with programmable positions.

  • Golden's Revolutionary Twilight chair move the weight from legs to your back for the most comfortable positioning available.

  • Certain insurance may for the lift chair motor with patient notes, and Medicare document (up to $140), please call for details.

  • If the intended user cannot come in for a fitting, the family member closest in height and weight could act as a surrogate.

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